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About ST Performance Coaching

Do you want to take your golf game to the next level? Do you want to benefit from consistency?

Then now is the time to invest in the mental performance side of the game!



It’s the easiest way to improve your game with immediate, easy to implement, gains. What areas do players struggle with that I can help with? 

  • Poor decision making. 
  • Lack of Concentration & Focus Lack of Confidence. 
  • Poor or No Routines  Inconsistency
  • Nerves & Anxiety  Temperament.
  • A Can’t do rather than Can do attitude.
  • Poor Mindset including Negative thoughts. 
  • Performing under Pressure  Distractions.
  • Intensity.
  • Swing Thoughts.
  • Chipping & Putting.
  • Score focused.
  • Emotions including Anger & Frustration.
  • Worrying about what others think.
  • Compounding mistakes Perfectionism.

Any of those sound familiar?

What do the coaching sessions cover?

All aspects of the game including:
  • Improving performance 

  • Pre-shot routine

  • Course management

  • Taking your range game to the course

  • Trusting your swing 

  • Accepting the result  Challenging the norm

  • Ideal intensity

  • Effective practice

  • Training games 

  • Focus

  • Long & Short game 

  • Removing pressure 

  • Can do attitude

  • Trusting your swing, Committing to a shot 

Who is Steve Thomas?

  • I am a mental performance coach with a true passion for the game with genuine care about golf and golf players.

  • I am a scratch golfer playing hundreds of rounds a year who has seen pretty much everything there is to see about golf.
  • I coach players where golf is a weekend hobby to those where the sport is their profession.
  • I have an unrivalled history of success in coaching players.